Goals can be added and edited, both with the same window.

Select the situation on the field when the goal was scored. The options are EQ, PP1, PP2, SH1, SH2, PS and DF. For inline hockey SH2 and PP2 aren't visible.
Select the time the goal was scored. As you can see on the image it exists out of 3 columns.
  • The left column is the period the goal was scored in.
  • The middle column is the minute the goal was scored.
  • The right column contains the second the goal was scored.
Select the numbers of the players that scored/assisted the goal. If the situation is PS you can only enter one number.
Click on the "Ok" button to save the goal.
This table shows a list that contains all the people of the team listed with their number, license and name. Team officials don't have a number but they do have an identifier. E.g. the identifier of the coach is CO.